About Jack Zukerman

Jack Zukerman

Jack Zukerman is an entrepreneur, an American industrialist, and manufacturer who carved a niche for himself and his companies in an industry that demanded innovation.

J. Paul Getty’s formula for success is to rise early, work hard and strike oil.

In the case of Jack Zukerman, oil took the form of a small halogen lamp that revolutionized lighting.  Zukerman’s duality as a well respected and judicious captain of industry is often pitted against his ‘roll the dice ‘ flair for creating out-of-the-box marketing campaigns that firmly cemented a popular lighting trend into modern day architecture.  If taking chances in life is your thing, then Zukerman is your type of man.  Jack ‘s journey was punctuated by giants of industry, monarchs and mobsters.  Zukerman’s business accomplishments were tempered by his commitment to family and friends.

Jack Zukerman lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Roz, an accomplished attorney.

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